Professional level features

Anti-virus protection
Built-in anti-virus and malware protection guards your remote PCs from millions of threats, with sources updated daily.
Port forwarding
Connect applications running on your own PC to network services (such as databases) running on the remote PC. Network traffic on the selected port(s) is automatically forwarded.
Monitor & warn
Automatically monitors all your remote PCs for faults, performance issues, security concerns and malware 24/7. Notifies you of any issues as they arise.
Automation & tasks
Create tasks to run as required, or schedule them to run on any number of remote devices on a preset schedule.
Group monitoring
Monitor up to 50 screens at the same time on the technician display. Ideal for teachers, department heads or headoffice staff.

Business level features

Customer accounts
Assign groups and subgroups of devices to a specific customer account to assist with ticketing and billing.
Generate invoices for work performed and/or fixed monthly service charges. Keep track of money owed to you.
Raise support tickets as customers report problems and update them as you progress through to resolution.
Direct Debit integration
Integrates with EazyCollect Direct Debit bureau service. Collect payments from customers with automated Direct Debit collections.
Making Tax Digital
Input expenses from your suppliers. Generate VAT returns and file these directly with HMRC via the MTD gateway.